Affair Counseling

Discovering that your spouse has been having an affair is one of the most devastating experiences you can go through. Feelings of betrayal, anger, and fear seem unbearable. Rest becomes elusive. You can’t stop replaying the details of what you know and yet you crave for more information; wanting the truth but fearing the answers.

Affair counseling and recovery is a difficult process. You find yourself asking important questions: How could this have happened? Can I ever trust my spouse again? Is my marriage worth saving? How can I be married to someone who did this to me (or someone I’m not sure I’m in love with anymore)? What did I do wrong? Should I forgive? When will the pain go away? Should we stay together for the sake of the children?

Trust with your spouse has been shattered and hope is at an all-time low. But although it may feel like you will never recover from this; it’s important to know that recovery is possible. It’s not easy work―it takes time and effort―but couples that go through the process can find their way to an honest intimacy that is very satisfying. In fact, many couples testify that their relationship following recovery is much closer than it was even before the affair.

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