Author: Robin Nicholas

De-Stressing During the Holidays

December 16, 2013
As the holiday season began approaching I realized how stressed out I felt.  The closer I got to a big holiday the more I had to do and the less...

Children and Feelings

November 5, 2013
Do you ever get upset when you can’t figure out how you are feeling?  Children experience this same kind of frustration.  The difference is that children typically do not have...

Relaxation Breathing for Children

September 23, 2013
As adults it can be difficult to remember to implement relaxation techniques when we are stressed or feeling emotional.  It is just as difficult if not more so for children. ...

Positive Resolution of Conflicts

August 12, 2013
In life we are bound to have conflict.  Unfortunately, not all of us have been given the proper tools to know how to deal with conflict in a healthy and...


June 12, 2013
Our lives go through different seasons; some easier than others, some more comfortable than others, and some more strenuous than others.  Recently, in my own life, I have realized that...

Being a Nurturing Parent

April 22, 2013
In honor of “National Child Abuse Prevention” month I wanted to discuss some important principles of being a nurturing parent. First off, I wanted to acknowledge the fact that parenting...

What Brings You Joy?

February 25, 2013
It is has been quite a journey to discover what brings me joy. I have sought it out in places that I was sure would fulfill me. However, when all...
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