Author: Laura Demetrician

  • The Narrow Sidewalk

  • Posted by Laura Demetrician on March 18, 2013 | Topics: Couples
  • I just passed two couples walking while in my neighborhood. The first couple, togive you a visual picture, was rather ordinary from the first glance. They wore old, dirty tennis shoes and rather old and plain sweatshirts. They looked as though they were walking for exercise, but they walked rather slowly. The second couple was … Continue reading “The Narrow Sidewalk”

  • Pain

  • Posted by Laura Demetrician on January 2, 2013 | Topics: Coping, Grief
  • We live in a world with pain; intense, distant pain of senseless tragedy and heartache. Pain so close it can eat at our soul. We long for safety. We hope for a place to rest.   Pain in the deepest parts of ourselves. We all know it. We all manage it. Or deny it and … Continue reading “Pain”

  • Cleaning Up

  • Posted by Laura Demetrician on May 24, 2012 | Topics: Personal Growth
  • My youngest daughter is notorious for having a difficult time following instructions.  As a younger child, she had a difficult time remembering and staying focused on the instructions given.  Now it is more that she is overwhelmed with the mess around her.  Perhaps sometimes I expected more from her than was possible.  However, I would … Continue reading “Cleaning Up”