Author: Sandra Stanford

  • EMDR Therapy

  • Posted by Sandra Stanford on August 23, 2018 | Topics: EMDR
  • EMDR Therapy is helping me lessen my anxiety and is building my confidence. My client was smiling as she said this to me after one of her sessions. Words like these are ones I regularly hear from people who come for EMDR Therapy. I am an EMDR Therapist because I believe in the research and … Continue reading “EMDR Therapy”

  • Discomfort Zone

  • Posted by Sandra Stanford on April 8, 2016 | Topics: Personal Growth
  • One of my favorite episodes from the “I Love Lucy” show is when Lucy is attempting to dance with a group of professional dancers. She goes left when the other dancers go right. It’s hilarious. Recently I found myself feeling like Lucy in that show. It came from my decision to begin exercising again. My … Continue reading “Discomfort Zone”

  • A Simple Statement

  • Posted by Sandra Stanford on January 21, 2016 | Topics: Family
  • It was Christmas morning and my daughter, Anna Beth, handed me a small jewelry box wrapped in holiday paper. Immediately I knew it would be a charm for my bracelet. When I opened the present, it took a moment to register what the charm represented. Then, I realized it looked like a postcard and the … Continue reading “A Simple Statement”