Category: Couples

I Forgive You, But I Don’t Trust You

July 26, 2010
I find that people are often confused about the difference between forgiveness and trust. They are not the same. Forgiveness says, “I choose to let go of this offense and release...

Make Your Move

April 19, 2010
  A couple steps into my office for their first counseling session. The look on their faces is familiar: disappointment, hurt, anger… maybe even disdain. They sit on the couch,...

The unselfish “NO”

March 15, 2010
I’ve had several conversations about boundaries this week, both in my personal and professional life. A friend expressed that she struggled with feeling selfish when she set boundaries, another that...

Loving People Well

March 8, 2010
What does loving someone well look like?  The question may sound simple, but in fact it is harder than most people think. Most people think that if they say something...
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