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  • Labor Day

  • Posted by Jim Keller on September 6, 2011 | Topics: Personal Growth
  • All I ever needed to know about work I learned from my father.  Jacob Keller was a blue collar worker, a millwright, who worked in the factories of northwest Ohio and southern Michigan in the latter half of last century.  His profession wasn’t prestigious and certainly not glamorous, but my father embraced his work and … Continue reading “Labor Day”

  • Waiting and Patience

  • Posted by Melissa Hunt on July 22, 2011 | Topics: Personal Growth
  • “Waiting patiently in expectation is the foundation of the Spiritual Life.” – Simone Weil “Patience is everything.” – Rainer Maria Rilke How many times in our life have we been told to have patience, or be patient, or patience gets us to good places?  How many times are we telling others the same thing?  Somehow, in some … Continue reading “Waiting and Patience”