• Humility

  • Posted by Melissa Hunt on June 21, 2011 | Topics: Personal Growth
  • I have been doing some reading recently on a myriad of topics, and humility is one of them. In one of the books the author says that one cannot go into a deeper sense of knowing self or God without humility. That made sense to me from several different levels, as we cannot hear what … Continue reading “Humility”

  • Hope

  • Posted by Jim Keller on May 16, 2011 | Topics: Personal Growth, Spiritual Developments
  • I am a Detroit Tigers fan.  Yes, I admit it, I love the Tigers.  That is a baseball team for those who are not fans.  As any true baseball fan knows, our sport is a fickle one.  It is the longest of all professional seasons and has double the games of the other sports:  162 … Continue reading “Hope”

  • Applying Patience

  • Posted by Julia Sharp on May 2, 2011 | Topics: Personal Growth
  • I heard a sermon on patience yesterday, probably my 3,451st sermon on patience. But apparently even after 3,451 sermons, I still have not gotten a grip on it. As our pastor began to outline what patience is supposed to look like, I found myself, feeling a readjustment coming on. It was a good reminder that … Continue reading “Applying Patience”

  • The Authentic Life

  • Posted by Julia Sharp on April 5, 2011 | Topics: Personal Growth
  • Authenticity is a pretty big buzz word right now. You hear a lot about people wanting to be authentic and have authentic relationships. Webster defines authentic as, “not false or imitation: real, actual, and true to one’s own personality, spirit or character”. I think authenticity is a great goal. However, what happens when our “personality” … Continue reading “The Authentic Life”

  • Ambivalence

  • Posted by Melissa Hunt on March 29, 2011 | Topics: Personal Growth
  • In its simplest form, ambivalence is the state of both wanting to do something and not wanting to do something at the same time.  Have you ever been in that place?  I certainly have, especially when it comes to dealing with emotional issues.   I am writing about this because it seems like ambivalence is … Continue reading “Ambivalence”