• Reunions

  • Posted by Jim Keller on August 30, 2010 | Topics: Personal Growth
  •  This has been my summer for reunions.  My 43rd high school was in June (we had all turned 60) and it was the first reunion that I had intended since I graduated in 1967.  It was great to renew acquaintances and revive some long ago memories.  This last weekend Renee and I visited Minnesota where … Continue reading “Reunions”

  • Comparison

  • Posted by Jim Keller on July 5, 2010 | Topics: Personal Growth
  • A couple of weekends ago I attended my 43rd high school reunion (we have all turned 60+ years!).  It was the first reunion I had been a part of since graduation in (gasp) 1967.  Some observations from that time:  I don’t feel as old as my classmates look People didn’t recognize me, until I smiled … Continue reading “Comparison”

  • Memorial Day

  • Posted by Jim Keller on June 1, 2010 | Topics: Personal Growth
  •   As we leave Memorial Day weekend, all of us as a nation are reminded of the great sacrifices made for us by military men and women over the last two plus centuries.  It is beyond my comprehension what these brave people endured so we might enjoy the freedoms we now have as Americans.  My … Continue reading “Memorial Day”