• Priorities

  • Posted by Robin Nicholas on April 21, 2014 | Topics: Personal Growth
  • “I’m just so busy. I don’t know if I’ll have time to …” Many times I have heard these words uttered by clients in my office.  No matter what the subject of the discussion, I am prompted to ask the question “What is most important to you?”  Together we make a list of their current … Continue reading “Priorities”

  • Self-Injury Awareness

  • Posted by Robin Nicholas on March 9, 2014 | Topics: Coping
  •   It is “Self-Injury Awareness” month so I wanted to take the opportunity to focus on what defines self-injury and how to recognize it in friends and family.  There are myths and stigmas attached to self-harming that I would like to address. Contrary to popular belief, people that self-harm are not doing so to get … Continue reading “Self-Injury Awareness”

  • What Matters Most

  • Posted by Sandra Stanford on March 3, 2014 | Topics: Personal Growth
  • “What do you want to do to celebrate your birthday?” my friends asked. That question makes  me smile all over. It’s amazing when friends and family decide to take time to give presents  and cards with words of love and affection written on them. As much as I enjoy myself, (and  celebrating my birth), I … Continue reading “What Matters Most”

  • Bold Love

  • Posted by Kelly Kemp on February 4, 2014 | Topics: Couples, Personal Growth
  • It’s a given. If you are in a relationship, there will come a time when it will be tough. And it’s not always clear what the right thing is to do. If the relationship you are in feels unbalanced, it needs to be addressed (for your sake and for the sake of the one you … Continue reading “Bold Love”