In its simplest form, ambivalence is the state of both wanting to do something and not wanting to do something at the same time.  Have you ever been in that place?  I certainly have, especially when it comes to dealing with emotional issues.   I am writing about this because it seems like ambivalence is a common theme right now with people.  They know the importance of continuing their journey to reconcile emotional issues within themselves, and yet are unsure.  Everybody has their own reasons for staying in that place. Fear, uncertainty, feeling out of control, scared of change I think are all part of it.  Emotional freedom does come at a cost and part of the cost is having to embrace pain and take a hard look at yourself. However, like anything else that requires a price, the cost is worth it.  If you find yourself in a place of ambivalence, I encourage you to keep moving forward.  You will not grow with God, yourself, and others as long as you remain in that place.


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