Applying Patience

Applying Patience

I heard a sermon on patience yesterday, probably my 3,451st sermon on patience. But apparently even after 3,451 sermons, I still have not gotten a grip on it. As our pastor began to outline what patience is supposed to look like, I found myself, feeling a readjustment coming on. It was a good reminder that God is in control of everything and my job is to be faithful…and patient, in the little and big things. That’s the thing about patience, it covers everything, from patience with the people we come in contact with daily, to patience with our family (who seem to have the ability to test our patience more than most), to patience with our place in life (which is generally not exactly where we planned it would be).

Here’s the cool thing about patience, most people assume it is for the people around you. For example, not going off on the barista who just messed up your coffee order again, but in reality, the practice of patience is more for us. As you become more patient, your anxiety decreases and you have a lot more energy to focus on the things that really matter.

Patience is a choice, but we can only choose it if we remember that it is something we WANT to choose. Meaning, it is not going to be easy to be patient if we allow our emotions to take hold without putting them through the filter of patience. Honestly, I did that this weekend. My sister was married on Saturday in a fabulous ceremony. There was a lot to do getting ready for the event, and a lot of flexibility and adjustment needed. I went through the entire weekend without even thinking I needed to approach it with patience. It never even ENTERED my brain, until Sunday evening at 6pm in a chair at church when it full on smacked me in the face. 

So today I’m beginning my day (and everyday this week) putting patience in my face, literally. I’ve written notes to myself on my bathroom mirror and in my car, even on my phone reminding me to put patience on my radar. And now I’m sharing it with you. Will you join me this week by reminding yourself to take a breath and apply patience? 


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