Autumn & Acceptance

Autumn & Acceptance


In Central Florida we don’t really get the full experience of seasons so when the temperature dips or the humidity is low, it’s such a blessing! Today was one of those days. As an adult, Autumn means pumpkin spiced lattes, less sunlight in the evening, and prepping for the upcoming holidays. But as a child-there was a feeling that I used to get when I would see the leaves changing and it resonates within me still to this day. Almost as if this time of year has an inward pull, gently nudging me that this is a time to slow down. 

I am keenly aware of nature during this time of year. The leaves on the trees start to die and fall gently to the earth. One season is ending and one is just beginning. We see a few trees turn colors here, but not many, so when I spot any color other than green I stop and gaze upon those amber or crimson red leaves. It’s such a rare treat that I can’t help but take the uniqueness in. There’s a level of acceptance that automatically occurs during this time of year as the seasons transition from one to another. And it all happens without any of our doing.

It’s quite miraculous if you stop to think about it. We don’t even give it a second thought when the seasons change except maybe to grab a light sweater or jacket. Of all of the things in our lives we try to control, we just accept the fact that this is going to occur. Yet, when it comes to our jobs or relationships or feelings we try to control them as much as possible. Why do we accept certain things and let others consume us? Maybe if we take the uniqueness of the moment in and not brush right on by it then we can fully experience what it means to truly let go. Thus, we begin to accept where we are in this moment and it begins to transform us. There’s a stillness that is beginning to envelop us as we head into this new season and if we allow it, the letting go and rooting down process begins.



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