Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward

We have spent a lifetime learning how to walk. As infants we strive to take that first step, as toddlers we work to put one foot in front of the other and coordinate our movement, as children we explore our environment by learning what is acceptable and not, and as adolescents we often take several steps in the wrong direction…

It is in these early foot steps we begin to develop a foundation for one self. What dictates the foundation for which we stand on as adults? Often times, this is the very question clients present with in my office. Steps were taken with decisions and choices being made as adolescents and young adults and individuals often find themselves at a cross road. Fortunately, if you have found yourself at this cross road early on, you have an opportunity to assess, reevaluate, consider, and decide how to put your best foot forward.

We have learned a certain way of walking, a certain way of doing, navigating, interacting, and ultimately responding to our external environments based upon our internal cues or mode of operation.  Internal cues are subject to the daily bombardment of our existence as dictated by the environment for which we were raised. Steps are not just about putting one foot in front of the other and hoping for the best result. Steps are fostered and learned from early experiences and validating and/or invalidating environments.

If you have not stopped to consider the place you are standing, find a moment to find a place and stand in it and evaluate how your footsteps dictate your forward movement and direction in life. Do your footsteps align with your hopes, dreams, goals, and growth or are they hindering your forward movement? Forward movement does not have to be accomplished alone. Learning how to put your best foot forward becomes a process of humbling oneself to acknowledge and humbly accept directions taken at past crossroads. It is never too late to stop for a moment and evaluate oneself…as one’s self-evaluation has the propensity for greatness. 


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