Christmas Time

Christmas Time

Christmas time is always fraught with peril.  Not the physical peril of a military man or woman, but it’s loaded with emotional battles and relational pitfalls.  I think that it’s because everyone secretly wants an ideal Christmas, even those Scrooges who say they don’t like the holiday season.  They’re all just jaded liars, secretly hoping that somehow the “magic” of the season tidal waves them into a sense of love and well-being.

It’s probably important to note that the first Christmas wasn’t a very pleasant experience for the principles involved:  the drama of a first pregnancy and an imminent delivery, the sadness of being away from home and the anxiety of not being able to find a place of privacy so this baby could be born.  Talk about a stressful holiday!  But in the midst of the turmoil, angels sang, poor shepherds came and worshiped, and a young couple put the pieces together of an altogether extraordinary experience.  God showed up!  We at Charis pray that your Christmas season, while full of stress, anxiety, and sometimes sadness, will also be filled with God’s presence and a very clear reminder that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.  Merry Christmas!


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