As I write this I am looking out of my hotel window at the Puget Sound. Seattle isn’t exactly a destination city for Christmas but it is for Renee and me this year. Our son, Chris, and his wife Ali live here with their two daughters, Zoë and Charlotte. We’ve just spent two exhilarating and somewhat exhausting hours with them, and I am marveling at how they’ve grown and matured. And adding to the fun, it’s Christmas.

There is always something fresh and invigorating when I watch my grandchildren enjoy Christmas. It’s like the first blast of cold air on your face when you walk outside all bundled up in freezing temperatures. You expected the cold but it always seems new, like no two snowflakes are alike. Excitement is in the air. Anticipation fills the room like the smell of rich coffee you’re brewing first thing in the morning. The Christmas story is 2,000 years old, but I am still excited to celebrate the fact that God became a child… that He came to earth to eventually fill it with His supernatural presence. Emmanuel, God with us… it’s exhilarating!


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