Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up

My youngest daughter is notorious for having a difficult time following instructions.  As a younger child, she had a difficult time remembering and staying focused on the instructions given.  Now it is more that she is overwhelmed with the mess around her.  Perhaps sometimes I expected more from her than was possible.  However, I would find myself frustrated that she could not carry out one simple task, such as “Please take your shoes to your room” without repeated reminders.  As she has gotten older, the problem remains.  Cleaning her room is an exercise in torture for everyone involved!  I would prefer to say, “Go clean your room, please,” and have it done in 30 minutes without one more word or whine. 

She is a precious, loving, and sensitive soul and loves to please us, but carrying out instructions is a challenge…with one exception.  She wants us to be with her!  If we go with her to her room, she is a happy little worker.  She smiles, puts away her toys, hangs up her clothes, and all is well in the Demetrician household.  She simply needs our presence.  Hmmm.

I for one am glad that I have a God who both SENDS ME OUT and GOES WITH ME.  Left to my own devices, I can’t “clean the room of my soul” very well without the great Helper’s Presence.   I simply can’t carry out the Father’s desires without His sustaining joy, hope, strength, and insight.  I would be like my sweet daughter, hopelessly defeated and overwhelmed by an extremely messy room.  I am sure I would sit on the floor and cry surrounded by sin, pain, shame, and bitterness knowing I had to do it all on my own.  Our loving Father knows our limited capacity, and HE ACTUALLY WANTS TO HELP US.  He enjoys being with us.  It isn’t annoying to Him, and He doesn’t get tired.  He is not like me, mostly helping my daughter just so it will get done. 

There are messes that need to be cleaned up and places He is sending you, but rest assured, you are not alone.  


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