A couple of weekends ago I attended my 43rd high school reunion (we have all turned 60+ years!).  It was the first reunion I had been a part of since graduation in (gasp) 1967.  Some observations from that time: 

  1. I don’t feel as old as my classmates look
  2. People didn’t recognize me, until I smiled
  3. The eyes are the dead giveaway to identity
  4. Stirring up memories is bittersweet
  5. Four decades go by extremely fast 

I have to admit that my emotional reaction to seeing old acquaintances left me a bit perplexed.  But it all boils down to comparison… the same demon that plagues all of us during adolescence.  How do I look compared to everyone else?  How have I performed compared to everyone else?  Do people like me?  Do they seem glad to see me?  Do they even remember me?  

My pastor in his sermon yesterday reminded me of a passage that cut to the heart of the issue.  Jesus was talking to Peter in the Gospel of John, Chapter 21, informing him of his life and also how he would die.  Peter, in true form, immediately asked how the Apostle John would fare.  In one of the most memorable and yet loving rebukes in all of Scripture, Jesus basically says: “It’s none of your business!”  Comparisons all break down in time, and the only focus that is healthy and really makes any sense is focusing on yourself, and whether or not you are doing all you can do to trust God and allow Him to lead you to live a life of authenticity.   


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