Following Our Emotions

Following Our Emotions

While speaking with a friend recently about a significant fork in the road she was facing, she described how she wanted to just “do what she wanted” and forget the rest. Forget her family, forget God, forget her morals. Haven’t we all been there? Now maybe we are not all as honest with ourselves as my friend and we will not say we are “forgetting the rest,” we will simply justify how our happiness or our emotions are more important.

How often do we hear “follow your heart”, or “what are your emotions telling you?” I struggle with this concept. Please don’t get me wrong I am all for paying attention to our emotions as II believe they have their place in our lives and fully ignoring them can be unhealthy. However, what happens when we follow their every whim? Emotional decision making can be dangerous. Following our instincts can lead us into some pretty dark places especially if we follow them without regard to what we know to be true. While thinking on this over the course of this week, I’ve realized that the discipline of putting aside emotions and following what you know to be true is a daily exercise. It is not only important when at some significant crossroad but even more so in the day to day routine of life when we are less apt to be paying attention to ourselves.

“Our instincts are at war…Each instinct, if you listen to it will claim to be gratified at the expense of the rest…” C.S. Lewis


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