It’s Spring Time!

It’s Spring Time!

It’s early March and spring training starts this week.  Spring training for the uninformed is the reminder to baseball fans that this year might be the year.  I am a Detroit Tigers fan… those of you with any knowledge of my beloved team will know that there are more times of distress than times of joy as I follow my team through a season.  Last year was a perfect example:  in first place until the final game of the season, where they lost and found themselves tied with the Minnesota Twins.  They subsequently lost the playoff game and I was (once again) greatly disappointed.  One-hundred sixty-three games, a time of hope, only to see my team be ultimately defeated.  But, it’s a new season!

Sometimes life seems to throw one curve ball after another.  We can’t hit the ball out of the infield, let alone the ballpark.  Let me tell you that life will throw you difficult times as well as wonderful times.  And if you’re in that difficult time, let me encourage you that this is the time where you can begin a new season.  You’re one decision away from beginning a life-restoring journey.

We and Charis Counseling want to be able to assist you in that process.  Whatever the distress, whatever the conflict, whatever the challenge, we will do our best to exhort, encourage, comfort and give direction to the new and healthy direction you wish to head.  The most comforting words for the disappointed and disenchanted baseball fan are: “Wait until next year!”  Well, “next year” is here and we’re looking forward to being able to join you in that hopeful journey.


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