Perspective is Everything

Perspective is Everything

It’s been raining all weekend and it’s an unusual amount coming off the summer thunderstorms where you’ll have downpours one minute and bright sunshine the next.  These rains were soakers and the sun did not shine through once for over 36 hours.  A friend of mine mentioned to me that he loved weekends like the one we just had, all wet and gray with soot-covered cotton-ball clouds.  When I asked why he said, “It just changes things up… it lets me know that cool weather is finally coming.” 

All Floridians long for cool weather coming out of summers that are white-hot with daily temperatures in the mid to upper nineties.  My son, who lives in Seattle, longs for the sun and heat of Washington’s August and September.  I guess it’s all a matter of perspective and learning to adapt to where we are in our experience.  In fact, I guess perspective is everything, when you get right down to it.  Will my perspective be one that will allow me to see the positive in every circumstance?  Will it lead me to see what God’s viewpoint is as compared to my own?  Someone in Florida who longs for cool rainy weather has a perspective that is carved out of a heat-filled summer.  Someone in Washington who covets warmth and sunshine has a longing that has been soaked in the cold and rainy days of the Northwest. 

Our longing is a reminder that things are not going to be perfect on this earth and that something better is coming.  This does not mean that we cannot embrace the reality of where we are and wring God’s blessings out of every moment.  And the change of the seasons is to me, a reminder that God is continually inviting us into personal change, change that leads to growth.  I invite you to ask God for His perspective on your life, and once you have it, ask Him for the ability to continue to grow.


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