Send A Message To Future You

Send A Message To Future You

Now that you’ve got a bit of this year behind you, I know a couple things are likely true. First: you can already write 12 at the end of each date with no more than a momentary consideration. Second: if you even bothered thinking about personal resolutions, you’ve already forgotten most of them. Happy new year.

How would you like to try something a little different this year? Instead of just thinking about who you’ll be a year from now, send a message to that one-year-older you. You can write anything you want and have it sent to you at any future time you want, but here’s what I’m going to challenge you to do…

  • Go to futureme.org and enter your email address (make sure you use and email address you’re planning to keep during the time period) and subject into the form on that page. 
  • Write a letter to yourself. If you’re not sure what to say, I’d encourage you to copy the questions below, paste them into your letter, and then answer them as honestly as you can.
  • Now pick the date to receive this letter to yourself. It can be a year from now or many years from now. As long as your email account is still active, the letter will be sent to you. Making the letter private means that nobody else ever sees any part of it. Making it public simply means that others can read the message, but it appears as an anonymous message without any information that identifies who you are. 
  • Send your message and respond to the confirmation email sent to you (to keep people from misusing the service). 

———- copy/past below into futureme.org ———-

Right now, what provides the greatest contentment in my life?

What provides the greatest discontent?

I hope the future me is more…

I hope the future me is less…

What relationship would I most like to see change?

What is one significant thing I could do to improve that relationship, even if nothing else changed?

Will I do it?

One thing I want to tell the future me before I go:

———- copy/past above into futureme.org ———-

That’s all. A year from now, you’ll get a letter from the one-year-younger you. In-between now and then, I hope you’ll experience some good changes. 

Tim Tedder

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