The Art of Waiting

The Art of Waiting

Waiting is not something we, as Americans, do well at.  I know I am making a generalization, but our society has become more and more “instant” so we do not have to wait on much.  To name a few, fast food, instant media access, and numerous ways to get in touch and stay in touch with friends and family. How our society currently operates, lends our thinking processes to an instant time frame or frame of reference. If we are not careful, we can generalize this type of thinking to how God works in our lives and even expect Him to operate in our instant time frame from which we are accustomed to operating.  

Waiting on God I believe is what develops our character with God, ourselves, and others.  It is in waiting on Him that we have to depend on Him, listen, and be still.  It is all too quickly becoming a lost art.  I came across a quote recently that says this:

“There should always be more waiting than striving in a Christian’s prayer” – Evelyn Underhill

May we all take this to heart and learn to wait on God, verses demand that he come through for us.  


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