The January Blues

The January Blues

January is a month of both promise and reality.  It begins a New Year and we resolve to do the things that we somehow forgot or just didn’t want to do the previous year.  And this is the year we’ll really get serious about… you fill in the blank.  But the reality is this: we are still the same person and we live in the same life.  January is the month that reality breaks through.

Every year, as I assess my January reality, I am reminded to do two things.  The first is that I need to prioritize my time.  What is really important?  I take the time to remember that relationships are more important than my job, and that the joy of the ones I love gives me greater satisfaction than trying to continually please myself.  The second is that once I prioritize, then I need to plan my time accordingly.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions… the question is what will I do differently.  I need to bring my hopes into existence by deciding to act, not just think or hope.

Let me use this short blog to encourage you to healthy action.  Don’t be overwhelmed or stuck in the “blues”.  January is a frustratingly busy time, but as we transition into February, take the personal and relational steps to move your life in the direction that leads to spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical health.  Take deliberate, doable steps.  As St. Augustine said: “Lord, help me not so much as to live a holy life and to live a holy minute.”  Here’s to your next holy minute!


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