This Is Your Life…

This Is Your Life…

A line from a song by Switchfoot asks “This is your life, are you who you want to be?” It causes me to wonder, “What keeps you from becoming all that you were born to be?” 

One of the factors that get in your way is hurts that have been left untouched. These wounds block intimacy with God, and with the significant people in your life. Walls are built on the rocky ground of pain.

Let’s face it hurts are a part of everyday living. Someone hurts your feelings, lies about you, or betrays your trust. Some of you have experienced rape or the agony of divorce. It hurts…deep inside there is distress.

What can heal your ache inside?

Forgiveness is the starting point on the pathway to healing your heart and home. At times it feels impossible to extend forgiveness to the perpetrator. Forgiveness is not denying something wrong was done, but it does allow the one who was hurt to be set free.

How would freedom from bitterness feel? How would it be to let go of the burden of hating someone? If you could dream big, how would life be for you without carrying the weight of the infraction?

Would your energy return? Would there be new vitality in your countenance and pep in your step? Could it be possible?

Dream BIG!

It begins with facing the pain, feeling it instead of stuffing it down. Then talking to a trusted friend to deal with it and put it to rest. Pain is not your enemy. It is a signal that something needs to be dealt with and released.

Isn’t it time to repair your walls? Wouldn’t it feel great to wake up and be ready to take on the day with vigor and joy?

I encourage you to begin today, one step at a time. I am cheering you on and am confident you will be able to find yourself and begin to say, “This is my life; I am becoming who I want to be!”


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