Welcome to the new CharisCounselingCenter.com

Welcome to the new CharisCounselingCenter.com

The year 2010 has a “new” ring to it.  And along with the newness of the year, we are beginning a new chapter in Charis Counseling Center.  We are celebrating an upgrade of our website, a new look for a new year.  This is the fourth year we have been in our Baldwin Park location, and we have enjoyed the opportunity to be of service to our clientele in the areas of personal emotional health and growth, and marriage and family health and enrichment.  As all of us have issues that we need to face and solve in this new year, we want you to know that we stand ready to help come alongside you to help you grow in the areas that challenge you, as well as embrace and celebrate that growth as it occurs.  So, a belated Happy New Year to you, and an encouragement from all of us at Charis that we are looking forward to serving you this year. 

God bless!


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