Ya’ Gotta Have Heart!

Ya’ Gotta Have Heart!

The day that I intellectually knew would arrive in my life came a bit unexpectedly on April 25th.  My appointment with my cardiologist was planned for five months and it was a follow-up to check on a bad aortic valve that I had had as long as I could remember.  My health was good but my tests were bad… bad enough that my doctor strongly suggested surgery for a valve replacement.  I was a bit stunned but not shocked.  I knew that the surgery would one day be necessary, but I was feeling so well!  After hours of thought and days of prayer, Renee and I both felt that it was time to take the step.  I am writing these words nineteen days after my surgery and am doing well so far.  Here are some post-op lessons:        

1. You cannot rush recovery.  I am an impatient man and prone to make things happen faster if I deem the pace is too slow.  Recovery, however, has a pace all its own, and taking the requisite time to heal is the fastest way to true recovery.

2. Pain is a tutor.  Instead of masking pain, learning from it is necessary in understanding the healing process.  I don’t care for pain, but I need to heed it at every turn and allow it to teach me the best direction to head for my healing.

3. Taking care of your heart is a good thing.  It is true… you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.  Having attention drawn to one vital part of your physiology is a true attention getter.  Blood pressure, beats per minute, arrhythmia… all these factors are crucial in living a healthy life.  I need to pay attention!

4. Life is best lived moment to moment, not event to event.  Seizing the moment is the best way to live life.  Too much is missed otherwise.  I am continually struck with the fact that every day is chock full of wonderful stuff, stuff that is too easily missed if I don’t pay attention.

5. God is the One who heals.  Certainly this is a no-brainer for believers, but it is all the more poignant when one’s life hangs in the operating room balance.  The only time I was brought to tears before my surgery was in the waiting room of my surgeon’s office.  In that room hangs a painting of an operating room scene with a surgeon and his team working on a patient.  Standing next to the surgeon, guiding his hands, stands Jesus, the Great Physician.  It still brings tears to my eyes…

6. Doctors and nurses are key instruments in God’s healing.  What wonderful people!  Words cannot express my gratitude…

7. Each day of healing is a unique journey.  Ups and downs are inevitable in the healing journey, and even though I knew this, I am reminded of this process every day.  Patience…

8. Family and friends are a healing balm.  My wife’s care, my family’s comfort, my friends’ concern all join together to make the burden lighter and the days less stressful.  I thank God for them all.

I’m still in the healing process, but I trust the learning process will never cease.  Thanks to all of you for your love, care and concern.  I love you right back!


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