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The Stages of Marriage/Relationship Counseling

May 30, 2020
Just minutes after the crash, the paramedics were using the jaws of life to carve Tom and Mary out of their mangled vehicle. The couple was rushed to the Central...

What to do When Your Husband Looks at Porn

February 4, 2019
Pornography is a multi-million dollar business that exploits people. It demeans who they are. This very premise should be enough to convince us that pornography is not healthy for anyone....

Being Intentional in Your Marriage

September 29, 2017
There was a sense of excitement in the room. Ten couples had signed up for a weekend Marriage Retreat and the first session was about to begin. Preparations had been...

Maintaining Happily Ever After

October 26, 2016
It’s Cinderella’s fault. This idea of happily ever after. She meets her handsome prince, they sing, dance and then ride off into the sunset with the words “And they lived...

Strength From Brokenness

April 18, 2016
When I was 5 years old my brother and I were stuck inside our home due to a huge rainstorm outside. We decided to play a game where we spun...

Fifty Shades of Confusion

February 24, 2015
So, there are these three books that were published two years ago and now the first movie in a series called Fifty Shades of Grey. You may have heard about...

The Problem with Social Media

October 21, 2014
It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. That may be true, but a tweet is worth…well, exactly 144 characters. You can use less, but no more....

Encouragement: A Vital Ingredient for Relationships

August 19, 2014
“Mom, I just can’t do it.” My daughter Anna Beth was struggling to finish her Algebra homework. Math wanted to be her nemesis but David and I were determined to...

The Art of Apology

July 8, 2014
In working with couples one complaint I often hear from the husband is: “My wife keeps bringing up the same issues when we’re arguing. It’s as if she can’t forgive...

A Lesson (for Myself) in Marriage Counseling

May 6, 2014
A lot has been going on in my life—both good and bad. My client load has increased and counseling three years in a row gives me more joy than I...
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