Our lives go through different seasons; some easier than others, some more comfortable than others, and some more strenuous than others.  Recently, in my own life, I have realized that I have some excessive stress, which can happen to anybody.  There are extenuating circumstances that are out of our control and it is pertinent to learn how to handle these situations when they come up.  As one of my favorite sayings go…”We can’t always avoid the storm, but we can learn to dance in the rain.”  Through my recent life stressors I recognized my tendency to allow the stress to build up, which only magnifies the original stressor.  After this realization I began scheduling 15-minutes a night where I release my stress in a playful, youthful manner.  I tend to take the quote somewhat literally.  During my 15 minutes of play I turn on some of my favorite music and dance around my home.  I preface my time with a mental note that all my problems will be there afterward so I mentally set them aside. 

When I give myself permission to step away from the stress and release built up anxiety, I realize that I am able to better handle the stress inducing events. So what do your 15-minutes of de-stressing look like? Better yet, what do they feel like?


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