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Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Handling Fear

March 17, 2020
Fear is, arguably, the strongest thing in the air right now. Sometimes it is hard to know the difference between fear and anxiety, because they feel very similar. Fear is...

Women and Anger

January 15, 2020
Gender culture has shifted quite a lot over the last millennia. Not so long ago, women were considered the property of either their fathers or their husbands. They were not...

How to Cope with Failure

April 2, 2019
Most of us do not want to have this word in our vocabulary. Failure means defeat! However, if we look at the most successful people in history we find that...

How to cope with change?

March 11, 2019
Contrary to what we might think; change is difficult. If I want to change there is some stress, but if that change if forced on someone it is even more...

Exercise and It’s Benefits on Your Mental Health

July 11, 2018
One of my favorite, favorite shirts I’ve seen in a while is the one that says “Fitness? More like fitness whole pizza in my mouth!” It gets me every time,...

5 Ways to Help Manage Stress and Anxiety

October 23, 2017
As an adult stress, anxiety and worry can be challenging emotions to manage. We can become overwhelmed, distressed and begin having catastrophic thoughts. For our children it is equally as...

Controlling Anger Before it Controls You

August 30, 2017
Have you found yourself in a place where you have lost all sense of self-control? There are two types of anger and one may surprise you. 1) Anger is a...

Dealing with Hurts

August 15, 2016
Friday morning I woke up feeling excited. I had prepared a teaching for a group of ladies and could not wait to get to the meeting to share with them....

The Stages of Grief

August 1, 2016
If you have lived on this earth for very long, then you have experienced loss. I see it every day in my office. Loss of a relationship. Loss of a...

Processing Your Sadness

January 19, 2015
Most of us do not like to feel sad. As a matter of fact, we have a tendency to do whatever it takes to avoid feeling sad. We work, we...
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