Loving People Well

What does loving someone well look like?  The question may sound simple, but in fact it is harder than most people think. Most people think that if they say something kind, or do a kind act that is loving well. And yes, that is part of loving well, but really loving someone requires us to sometimes say and do hard things, or things that seem mean.  Part of loving someone well is helping a person take responsibility for a behavior or a choice and not enabling it.  This causes growth in a person’s life.  I always say that as long as somebody else is taking responsibility for a behavior, the person that actually needs to take the responsibility does not have to.  This prevents growth.  Growth is pivotal for each one of us in order to have greater intimacy with others, whether it be spouses, siblings, children or partners.  As emotional intimacy in a relationship happens, it becomes easier to deal with hard issues that may arise in the context of the relationship.  Loving someone well calls you to deal with those hard aspects instead of avoiding them.  Loving someone well requires a person to take ownership of an act or words that may have harmed someone instead of casting blame for those actions or making an excuse for them. Whatever your situation may be, make sure you take inventory of your relationships and what you might need to change in order to love well. 


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