“Has it ever occured to you,”  I asked him, “that we are shaped more by our sorrows than our joys? When I look back, it’s not the happy times that still have power over my life.  It’s the places where things went wrong.”

That is a quote from the book I am currently reading.  I read that and had to pause for a moment for the truth that it brings to sink in.  All of us have and have had sorrows in our lives.  It is not possible to live in this world and not have them.  The issue is how are we going to use them (or not use them) to shape us?How much power are we going to let them have over our lives?  That is a choice each of us have to make for ourselves.  To use sorrow for our greater good shapes us, I believe, for the better.  However, there is a cost in using them for our good.  The cost is having to face the sorrow and make peace with the source of the pain that is behind it.  Although facing pain is hard, it is worth the cost.  



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