The Art of Accountability

The Art of Accountability

When accountability is discussed, individuals often struggle with the meaning of the term and how it applies to them directly.

– Is it a practice that we are naturally predisposed to?

– Do we automatically receive it from others?

– Can it really provide a solution to critical challenges?

In this day in age we often think that life will invariably hold us accountable; whether, in the workplace, through governance, something that is innate, or a natural requirement. However, there is an art to personal accountability and the reality is that it comes down to “you”. Whether personal or professional advancement is your ultimate goal, it becomes a daily act of holding yourself accountable for your actions, responsibilities, and goals in life. “Don’t think it, be it!” You cannot just say you want to improve and then just expect yourself to improve. Most individuals wait their entire lives for life to happen to them.

How do you get out of the waiting room of life? For starters, you can’t change the past, tomorrow isn’t promised to us, so your wait ends today. Prove that you can do it and in doing so you will distinguish yourself from the mere act of thinking. To hold yourself to a higher standard you must consider your actions and choices, your goals, and your responsibilities/priorities. Second, you must follow-thru on your commitments and responsibilities with a positive growth producing attitude and discipline. Finally, take control of yourself and seek out the advice, wisdom, and counsel of others who have attained personal accountability in the areas you have made a personal commitment to follow-thru in.

When you take 100% accountability for yourself it becomes an art form. It will ebb and flow, surprise you, turn a corner, or awaken an entirely new reality. Not only will you experience personal growth, you will experience a sense of accomplishment, burdens will be lifted, amends will be made, relationships will flourish, you will gain a new found appreciation of self, others will respect your fortitude, your self-esteem will mend, and you will become an art form and example for others struggling with accountability to look up to and come alongside. Don’t just wait for the opportunity, BE the opportunity.


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