There You Are!

There You Are!

Recently, I sat down with a family member who asked me how my day had been going. I started to share about an afternoon of putting up the Christmas tree and drinking some delicious hot cider when she interrupted with, “Do you like how I moved that picture?”. Ouch! Now I wasn’t sharing any deep or life shattering thoughts, but it still stung a little to realize that she didn’t appear to be all that interested in what I was saying. I left feeling a little deflated and also wondering if I had ever done that to someone (which I’m sure I have).  At Summit Church last night Pastor Isaac suggested that there were two kinds of people in the world, “Here I Am!” kinds of people or “There You Are!” kinds. That definitely felt to me like a “here I am” moment.  

What kind of person are you? When you walk into a room are you seeking to make those around you feel loved and cared for or are you more looking to have your own anxieties and needs met? Does it change depending on the situation? What I realized is I am far more lax with the people I feel the closest to. It seems they get the worst part of me, when in fact they should be getting the best.  So how do we become more focused on others?

  • First and foremost allow God to define who you are; don’t look to others to tell you.
  • Be purposeful with your actions and thoughts, try not to allow yourself to go on “autopilot” or let your mind wander.  
  • Listen actively! Ask follow up questions and listen for the response. Engage.

Of course this doesn’t mean you can never lean on a friend, or look to others for help, but as we enter into this Christmas Season lets remember to be focused outward and strive to show love, Christ’s love, to those around us. 


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