What Causes a Person to Change

Three things that lead to lasting change.

Change is a key reason people come to counseling. Whether it is to better a marriage, overcome anxious thoughts, defeat depression or simply reach new goals, people seek counseling in order to make lasting changes. Often we have longstanding patterns of behavior that seem impossible to change. However, change is possible but it requires a safe environment, introspection and opposite action.

1. A safe environment is critical to change.

When we do not feel safe, we are left to defend ourselves. When people find themselves in judgmental or critical environments where thoughts and feelings are belittled or rejected, blaming others is often the result and change is almost impossible. A counseling office is a great place to find safety that you will need to make real life changes. Taking time to build a therapeutic relationship with your therapist is vitally important in building an environment of safety. When you feel safe taking the next step of change is not as difficult.

2. Introspection involves taking an honest look inside yourself.

What are you thinking, how are you feeling and why do you act the ways that you do? Introspection requires vulnerability as you honestly name the fears, thoughts, actions and reactions that have you feeling stuck. Introspection leads you to stop trying to change what you can’t (other people) and begin to carefully unpackaged your story, and embrace what you can change, you! Introspection also is about admitting the hurts that you have caused to others and yourself. Introspection in a safe environment allows you to identify the new paths that will lead to freedom. Once these paths are identified you are ready for the last step of change.

3. “Opposite action” means to literally head in a different direction.

The things you have been doing where leading to hurt, pain, bondage and brokenness. The new paths you have identified in a safe environment during times of introspection will lead to freedom and life.

So why not start your journey of change, and get out of those old hurtful and destructive patterns. Call us today, we would love to help you find a place of safety where real change can begin. Go ahead; pick up the phone we look forward to meeting you.

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