Marriage Counseling

Marriage is the backbone of the family structure and the most important relationship we experience in life.

Marriage Counseling Orlando

Healthy marriages are not found or discovered based on the person you marry; they are developed over time as a result of hard work and consistent focus. In marriage counseling, we deal with all issues concerning marriage which can cause marital discord:

  • marital roles
  • poor communication
  • unhealthy or no conflict resolution
  • infidelity
  • addictions
  • money issues
  • parenting issues that affect the marriage
  • and many more

Two people make a marriage work, and it is the ability of each spouse to look at his and her own issues that will ultimately dictate the success of the marriage. Couples counseling can be and often is an effective and time-saving way to address these issues.

In-Depth Marriage Counseling

Our Sandra Stanford also offers sessions for in-depth counseling which you can learn more about here.

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