Parenting Counseling

Are you at the “end of your rope” and not sure what to do next?

Have you grounded, taken away phones and cars, set up rewards and still cannot seem to get your child/teen’s cooperation or attention?

Parenting is tough, and can be made even more difficult through the stressors in your own life. The parenting counselors at Charis can help set you and your child up for success. We can help you navigate discipline, positive parenting, grades and even the “teen years”. No matter where you are in the parenting process, or what your needs are, whether it’s a simple tweak, or a parenting revamp, together we can develop and implement a plan to help:

  • Build relationship between you and your child
  • Regain mutual respect
  • Reduce or eliminate unwanted behaviors
  • Increase compliance from your child
  • Create a peaceful home environment

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