Getting Help For a Sexual Addiction

Charis Counseling Center feels strongly about facilitating healing in the lives of people wanting to be free from sexual addiction. In that vein, Charis would like to invite you to contact us for your first hour of intervention. We cannot offer complete healing in that one-hour but what we can offer is a place to start, a place to get help, a place to know that you are not alone.

Your call to our counseling center is completely confidential. No personal information, protected health information, or personally identifying information shall be transmitted to anyone without your written consent. Once you schedule an appointment, your session will be handled by a Mental Health Counselor and will be entitled to the fullest confidentiality allowed by law. In your initial session, we will discuss what you are dealing with, any questions you may have, and develop an individually tailored plan for you to move forward towards freedom and new life.

To take the first step towards healing, call Charis at 407-894-5202 and schedule an appointment with one of our counselors. If you would prefer to fill out client forms prior to coming to our office, you may download the intake forms from our client forms page and then bring them when you come for your session.