Category: Anxiety

What Should I Do About Body Shaming?

May 13, 2020
“I’d rather be dead than red on the head” was a chant I heard regularly as a kid growing up in Memphis, Tennessee. “Carrot Top” became an unwelcome nickname. I...

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Handling Fear

March 17, 2020
Fear is, arguably, the strongest thing in the air right now. Sometimes it is hard to know the difference between fear and anxiety, because they feel very similar. Fear is...

What is PTSD? What are the Causes and Symptoms?

June 25, 2019
With the growing awareness on PTSD, you may be asking “I have heard of PTSD, but what is it anyway?” According to the American Psychiatric Association, PTSD or Post Traumatic...

Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real

June 6, 2018
How do you handle fear? I’m not talking about the roller-coaster type of fear that leaves you craving more. I am talking about the “What if…” type of fear that...
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