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How Do I Navigate My Emotions to be Available to my Kids?

June 3, 2020
Parenting is stressful! The goal is not to eliminate stress all together since that is impossible, however children learn constantly by watching our behavior. We have the responsibility to prepare...

Educational Resources During Extended School Closures

March 22, 2020
Dear Parent, Congratulations, you’re hired…for a job you never applied for! You have been promoted to educator extraordinaire – a position for which you quite possibly feel woefully ill-equipped. While...

When is it Time for your Adult Child to Leave Home

June 18, 2019
Who would have considered such a situation as we brought our newborn home from the hospital? We have dreams for their future and our lives together, so how could I...

Kids Deserve Better Than a ‘One Size Fits All’ Education

March 25, 2019
If the services and accommodations your child is receiving in school have proven insufficient for them to make progress with the standards, we can help. Has your child been swimming...

How to Help a Teen Who is Cutting

March 20, 2019
I can still remember the way the blood looked on the white paper that sat on my desk. At the age of 13 I had a sudden urge to find...

Helping our Children Succeed

August 1, 2018
We got an email from our daughter’s second grade teacher today. The teacher shared some of our daughter’s strengths, explained her areas of challenge, noted the accommodations that are currently...

Anger Energy & Kids

June 20, 2018
Teaching kids how to manage their anger can ironically cause us to feel frustrated. We might become frazzled trying to figure out how to state what we think is obvious....

How to Be Present with Children

May 22, 2017
With all the pressures of our daily lives it can be difficult to be present with those we love.  Our ‘To-Do’ list can be a mile long, thus keeping our...

Discipline – Why and How

August 31, 2016
Why… The reason we discipline our children is not so we can have a sense of control over another person, but rather to: Guide Train Protect I view children as...


April 28, 2015
“My kid doesn’t believe me when I tell him I’ll be at his soccer game.” “I can’t get my child to listen to me.” “My daughter stopped asking me to...
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