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February 14, 2015
One of the most heart-wrenching experiences through which a person can go is the process of divorce. It can be even more horrifying when children are involved.  Parents often wonder...

Parenting with Grace

November 11, 2013
My highest priority has always been to be a great mother to the kids I was so blessed to receive. They were long in coming, and well worth the wait....

Children and Feelings

November 5, 2013
Do you ever get upset when you can’t figure out how you are feeling?  Children experience this same kind of frustration.  The difference is that children typically do not have...

Relaxation Breathing for Children

September 23, 2013
As adults it can be difficult to remember to implement relaxation techniques when we are stressed or feeling emotional.  It is just as difficult if not more so for children. ...

Being a Nurturing Parent

April 22, 2013
In honor of “National Child Abuse Prevention” month I wanted to discuss some important principles of being a nurturing parent. First off, I wanted to acknowledge the fact that parenting...

A Parent’s Best Gift

December 10, 2012
As parents, we spend great time and effort trying to come up the right gift for our child during times of special celebration. Finding one that will provide both immediate...

Nurturing your Child’s Spirit of Giving

December 3, 2012
In the mall earlier this week I saw a young boy with someone I assume was his father. The boy was carrying a white envelope with the words “Christmas Money”...

Parenting Environment

September 3, 2012
It is a constant struggle to muster up the energy to parent.  Boundaries need to be stated, reinforced, restated, re-reinforced, and on and on it goes until you think you...

Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse

April 16, 2012
Childhood sexual abuse ranks right up there for the top fears of parents.  There are many ways that we can love our children.  Protecting them from harm should be one...

The Discipline of Restraint

January 24, 2012
There are times in life when NOT doing something can usher in a sacred moment.  I had one recently.  I learned a lot from this moment, and I want to...
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