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Parents Need to Stand Together

October 31, 2011
Nobody understands the divide-and-conquer strategy better than the children in your home. They have an instinct for it. When one parent stands in opposition to a desired outcome, a child...

4 Ways to Help your Teen Manage Stress

September 19, 2011
This week alone I sat with five different teenagers all describing intense anxiety, worrying, stomach problems, and problems sleeping. Upon further exploration it was revealed that most of this worry...

Your First Child Will Change Your Marriage

August 29, 2011
Two-thirds of couples report significant decrease in their relationship satisfaction following the birth of their first child. This is due to a combination of tiredness, depression, and loss of romance....

Are You Okay?

April 12, 2010
Most parents can identify when there is a “problem” with their child.  Behavior in school begins to decline, they get into fights with friends, or withdraw completely from them.  They...

Losing the Battle

February 15, 2010
“No no no no no no…no!” My 18 month old nephew had his arms firmly folded across his chest and his eye’s double dog dared me to try to put...
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