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Grief: Sitting with the Pain

May 5, 2017
Grief shakes you to the core.  The feeling of sorrow that comes with a loss is a painful experience.  A loved one that is no longer with you.  Something you...

Dealing with Hurts

August 15, 2016
Friday morning I woke up feeling excited. I had prepared a teaching for a group of ladies and could not wait to get to the meeting to share with them....

The Stages of Grief

August 1, 2016
If you have lived on this earth for very long, then you have experienced loss. I see it every day in my office. Loss of a relationship. Loss of a...

Deep Loss

June 20, 2016
As I woke up the other morning I grabbed my phone and was confused by the various messages asking if I was OK. I quickly pulled up the local Orlando news...


September 15, 2015
  This past Friday was 9/11. A day remembered by our nation as one of the darkest days in American history. A day so impactful that most Americans remember exactly...

Dealing with Disappointment

November 11, 2014
  I hate feeling disappointed but bad news arrived this past week and I felt very blue. There is a verse that says “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but...

Experiencing Grief

August 25, 2014
In working with clients, I have discovered the topic of grief is a tough subject to tackle.  It is typically avoided until an unfortunate event forces a discussion to occur. ...

Celebrating a Loss

September 30, 2013
As I sit here contemplating all the issues I would like to blog about, something about this day cannot escape me.  Though the world moves on, thrusting its urgency upon...

Dealing with Loss and Depression

July 15, 2013
It was around two months ago when I learned that my daughter was moving, along with her husband and two children to Chicago.  For the last nine years, Beth was...


January 2, 2013
We live in a world with pain; intense, distant pain of senseless tragedy and heartache. Pain so close it can eat at our soul. We long for safety. We hope...
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