Sexual Addiction Counseling

sexual addictionWelcome to the first step of what we hope will be a new beginning of life and freedom for you and/or your family. We want to encourage everyone by clearly stating that it is definitely possible to recover from a sexual addiction/compulsion and to break free from a life of sexual sin.

We invite you to begin your journey towards healing here. No information is being gathered from you and no record is being kept of your visit. We will not contact you without your permission but if you don’t seek help from us, please seek help elsewhere.

Feelings of shame, discouragement, doubt, depression, and hopelessness may be consuming you. Many of you may have even made previous attempts to break free by talking to pastors, reading books, and seeing counselors. We have found that having access to tools to form deeper and more intimate relationships with Christ and with our brothers and sisters in Christ, who also struggle, is the way out.

We hope and pray that if you are a spouse, family member, loved one, or a friend of a person who struggles with sexual addiction you will also find freedom and restoration of hope. We offer some useful information, links to a great deal more information, and would love to answer any questions you may have because a knowledgeable person will have a better grasp on the situation at hand. You may also feel hurt, frustrated, angry, and even question why you still love them as much as you do. Know that there is hope for you too.

We know that breaking the silence about shameful secrets and finding fellowship is the way out. We hope the information on our site will be a great asset to you and we hope you will take the time to explore the links further. We are praying that this may be one of the places where you decide to be of strong faith and courage to reach out for help.