Michelle Nason – MA, MH9572

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

michelle nason

Michelle received her Graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Central Florida. Michelle feels, at our core, we all have the need to be heard and seen. Through her own therapy, she learned how grace can transform pain and heal trauma. Working through her own past helped her to see that she was living in a place of fear, instead of grace, thus solidifying her desire to help others walk through the healing process.

Michelle believes we are designed for connection and when those needs aren’t met we often turn outside of ourselves to help fill the void, which takes us away from who we truly are. Michelle’s passion is working with people through challenging transitional times in their lives and the feelings that accompany those times. Feelings such as anxiety, depression, stress, numbing-out, or fear, can keep us from seeing that truth and experiencing transformative freedom.

Michelle’s experience includes working on a Marriage & Family federal grant that provides relationship education to couples, counseling adolescents, working with women through life transitions, and working extensively with addictions through both community and private mental health agencies. Through Michelle’s vast experience her goal is to build a trusting and empathetic environment to foster individual growth and healing.

While working on the federal grant during her graduate work, Michelle became a Prepare & Enrich facilitator which she integrates for those clients seeking premarital counseling.

Specialty areas include:

Email: michelle@chariscounselingcenter.com

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the Orlando office