K. Timothy Burkholder – MA, LMHC, CSAT

Licensed Mental Health Counselor MH15416, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, EMDR Trained

tim burkholder

Once, while standing in line for a bus, Tim was asked by an unknown and older African American gentleman, “They say still waters run deep. Is you deep?” That moment has stuck with him ever since, and served to guide him into a career in Counseling. Tim enjoys journeying to the depths alongside people, helping them navigate their own path toward internal stillness and serenity. No stranger to pain in his own life, his mission is to walk with people in the deepest and darkest places of life, hoping that at the very least a person would be a little less alone. After all, the only thing worse than being in pain is being in pain alone. We all need, at times, a lighthouse in the midst of our storm, a guide for our treacherous landscape, or a calm and comforting presence in our disruption and disappointment.

Tim didn’t always know he’d be a counselor, though. After graduating with an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering, Tim worked at Lockheed Martin for a couple years, eventually moving on to join staff in full-time ministry at Cru (formerly Campus Crusade), where he used his technical expertise to plan and execute conferences on a global scale. It was there that his own inward journey deepened through his own personal counseling and internal healing. It was in talking with missionaries worldwide where he discovered he far more enjoyed conversations with individuals wrestling with how their unique stories impacted the trajectory of their lives than sliding faders on a sound board. With a heart to serve and a desire to help meet that need, Tim enrolled in Reformed Theological Seminary, where he completed his Master of Arts in Counseling.

As a pensive and reflective counselor, Tim desires to create a safe environment where light is allowed to permeate the known and unknown shadows of our secrets and story that we all would prefer remain hidden. He believes that healthy people move honestly toward two things: truth and relationships. He loves to help people who are hurting or stuck find the courage to pursue their own health. He has extended training and experience working with clients dealing with issues of sexual/pornography addiction, mood disorders, burnout, and other spiritual or existential crises. He draws from his extensive experience to connect with clients and help them move toward places of greater freedom.

Personally, Tim loves experiencing new cultures through travel, and has visited 30 countries and nearly every state. He also enjoys photography, writing, reading, biking, woodworking, brewing beer, and Orlando City games. His garage contains the perfect metaphor for his life: a half-built homemade teardrop camper. He is humble enough to admit he is still a work in progress. He currently lives at home with his wife Erin (also a counselor), and his lab-hound rescue dog named Loki.

Specialty areas include:

  • Sex and Pornography Addiction (See Sexual Addiction Counseling)
  • Child Trauma and Abuse
  • Spiritual Questioning and Crisis of Faith (See Spiritual Development Counseling)
  • Issues of Identity and Self-Exploration of Personality
  • Missionary Care (Domestic and International)
  • Sexuality and Gender
  • Mood Disorders

Email: ktburkholder@chariscounselingcenter.com

Office Hours: Tuesday – Friday